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Marketing Automation Campaigns

Marketing Automation Campaigns sound great, but what would it really look like for my business?

Marketing Automation Campaigns

Putting marketing automation into practice for your business does not have to be an ordeal. Your organization could benefit from even some very simple improvements in processes that already exist.  Here are some examples of marketing automation campaigns.


Email drip campaigns

Keep your organization top of mind by sharing valuable content on a regular basis with prospects. Keeping prospects and customers engaged with personalized, nurturing campaigns can double your conversions rates. Some examples:

  • Cornerstone content - don't stop with sharing the downloadable white paper, create a drip that shares related content over a series of time (tips, webinars, podcasts, blog articles). 
  • Flow those same leads into a sales follow-up email campaign to nurture the lead by sharing related content and the benefits of working with you.
  • Up and Cross-selling - “Do you want fries with that?” Reach out to your customers with additional product or service offerings.
  • Customer satisfaction - Just about any milestone in your customer journey can have a series of emails created to develop connection: welcome, cart abandonment, unsubscribe, social offers, etc.

Sophisticated automation platforms include AI-like capabilities that can predict the best time to send emails to increase the likelihood that they will be opened.

Lead management

Any of the above email campaigns can have the dual purposed of identifying and cleaning out prospects that are not interested. Because today's sophisticated email systems have spam filters that "learn, removing non-responders from your email list has the benefit of improving deliverability of your emails.

Automated email campaigns also create a consistent touch with low-value prospects, freeing time for your sales team to focus on high-value prospects.

Social media campaigns

Creating and posting engaging content across multiple platforms is a time-consuming task. Social media scheduling tools help to relieve that burden by providing one place to enter, customize and schedule content in advance. Some tools have predictive algorithms for best-posting times.

Dynamic Landing pages

Creating website landing pages tailored to specific customer persona profile attributes can increase conversion rates dramatically. Marketing automation tools can store the identifying information, recognize prospects as they visit your site and deliver customized images or content.


Keystone Click can help you save time, money and increase conversions with marketing automation campaigns.  We'll work with you to identify your goals, map the customer's journey and create a workflow and content that will engage your prospects or customers.

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