2014 Keystone Click Winter Office Olympics

Author: Jack Martin

Sochi who??  Keystone Click is suiting up, lacing up those skates, waxing those skis, and zipping up those jackets in preparation for the 2014 Keystone Click Winter Office Olympics.  Sure, we may not be luging down a mountainside at 98+ miles per hour but that is only because our suggestion to create a luge course down the steep Marshall Building staircase was deemed “unsafe” and “childish” and that this is “a professional atmosphere”. Oh well…we tried to give the people what they wanted.

We have a lot of great activities in store:

Event #1: The “Bundle Up Challenge”
Objective: Be the first “Keylympian” to put on Wisconsin Winter appropriate attire (boots, hat, gloves, coat, scarf) and cross the finish line

Event #2: Pettit Puck Challenge
Objective: Make at least one puck into the net

Event #3: Competitive Singles Skating
Objective: Skate without falling
**Disclaimer: no leotards will be worn**

Event #4: Target Practice
Objective: Hit designated target using supreme snowball throwing skills

Event #5: Iceless Curling
Objective: Slide stone to targeted area using only a broom to guide the way

May the best Keylympian win!