2015 Cleanse

Author: Jack Martin

New Year, New Cleanse. Right?

January 1st always has people talking about the crazy new health trick that they are going to try.Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop 3-Day Food Cleanse. The Lemonade Diet. BluePrintCleanse. They are all out there. We hear time after time about how “it worked for Beyonce!” and “Dr. Oz said he’s never seen anything like it”; so, lucky for you, I am not going to talk about any kind of juice cleanse. In fact, I want you to eat the snack/meal of your choice whilst reading this blog post. Zero judgments.

I want to talk to you about performing a Digital Marketing Cleanse.

What does this entail?

A Digital Marketing Cleanse is meant to get rid of the extra, non-essential tasks embedded deep inside your digital marketing strategy. We want to take a look at what is dragging you down and kick it to the curb. Trim the fat. Work more efficiently. Learn from your successes and your failures.

I want to look at this from both a Business and Personal perspective.

Keystone Click 2015 Digital Marketing Cleanse

1. Drop unnecessary distractions.

Business: Is there a social media channel (or perhaps more than one) that isn’t up to par when it comes to ROI? Consider re-evaluating your strategy or eliminate that channel and invest your time into another social media site that has proven more effective. If you devote 50% of your time to Facebook and approximately 0 of your leads have come from Facebook, try devoting more time to a channel that is successfully converting leads.

Personal: Find yourself devoting all your time to checking all of your various social media accounts? Choose one social network to ditch for a while or limit the time that you allow yourself to scroll through the various feeds. Devote your time to the networks that suit you best! I often find myself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when suddenly a solid half an hour has gone by!

2. Set goals that are attainable, but not easy.

Business: Think you can reach 5,000 Twitter followers this year? Go for 5,500. With every goal you make, push yourself to produce even more. When you give a little more, you will get a little more.

Personal: Have the urge to talk but feel like you have nothing to say? Create a “2015 Bucket List” and as you complete each item, post about it on social media! Look at your contacts/connections and reconnect with those you wish to keep or ditch those that make you say “Who is that??”. Consider reviewing your photos and remove anything that’s not G rated. I like to call that the Grandma test. Would you want your Grandma to see it? If no, get it outta there.

3. Try something new.

Business: There are new social media channels popping up every day. Do some digging and find one that has potential to be beneficial. Show off your awesome culture with Instagram or become an industry expert by answering questions on Quora. We recently started utilizing Mention, an awesome app that tells us who is talking about us and topics related to our services across the web.

Personal: Be the first one from your group of friends to try out a new social network OR try spicing things up on the networks that you already use! Find a new group to join on LinkedIn, connect with an old friend on Facebook, or tweet at your favorite business or celebrity! I stuck to this goal by starting a personal blog for myself and it has been a blast thus far! I highly recommend it!

Tell yourself that 2015 will be YOUR year, and then make it happen.