4 Ways to Use a Live Broadcasting App in your Social Strategy

Author: Jack Martin

The social sphere is always giving us new ways to communicate, and 2015 is no different as live broadcasting has become the hot new way to connect. Although live broadcasting isn’t a new technology, mobile apps such as Periscope have made it entirely accessible for the average consumer. It’s this accessibility that has made it a valuable tool for marketers on the hunt for a new way to engage their audiences.

Here are a few ways you can harness this new platform to your advantage:

Announce special events or promotions

It’s easy to post a quick status, send an email, or write a blog about a special event or promotion, but it does little to ramp up any excitement or engagement surrounding the special occasion. Think about how notable organizations will often hold press conferences for big announcements and how the buzz builds for the event.

You can create this very same environment on Periscope. Promote you’ll be making the announcement through the app and you’ll find that your audience will be excited to feel more so apart of the event rather than just reading about it offhand. Your viewers will likely want to be the first to filter the information to their connections as well, thus turning them into press reporters themselves!

Showcase your authenticity

I’m sure most of you have walked past a particularly interesting business or office building and thought to yourself, “I really wonder what goes on in there”. Human curiosity is something that will never go away, so why not satisfy it? Simply starting up a periscope stream in the middle of the workday will give viewers that look behind the scenes they crave.

The stream could be as simple as explaining the current project your working, sitting in on a team meeting, or as complex as taking your audience on an office tour. Your viewers will get a chance to see you in your natural state, faults and all, which can be very endearing. Being transparent goes a long way in making connections that inspire a sense of trust and community.

Live QAs and instant feedback

Giving your audience a chance to interact live with you is a great way to find out what they want and also tackle any issues before they become widespread. Being able to get information straight from the source helps people feel like they can rely on you, but don’t forget this goes both ways!

By having instant access to your followers through a live stream you can easily crowdsource for new ideas or opinions on things you may be working on. This can be a boon when trying to cultivate campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Create incentive to follow your brand

Just like having a face to face conversation with someone gives you exclusive access to certain information or emotion, a live stream is a great way to create a feeling of one on one intimacy that cannot be provided on other social platforms. Take advantage of this by making certain news or events Periscope exclusive. This will amp up that feeling of connecting and give people an incentive for following your brand. Remember that everyone likes feeling like they are a part of something; exclusive live streams are an amazing way to provide that.

Live streaming apps like Periscope are making it possible for brands to connect like never before. Take the time to install the app and give it a whirl. You might be surprised how much both you and your viewers enjoy the ride. Also, learn more on how Keystone Click can give you a boost with your social media!