5 Ways to Get More Comments on Facebook

Author: Jack Martin

A lot of people in the social media world have become infatuated with making sure that they have a large quantity of posts on their social media sites such as Facebook. Sometimes we all need to remind ourselves that quality is most of the time more important than quantity.

Take a step back and think about the purpose of posting on Facebook. The main reason a business chooses to use Facebook is to INTERACT with their customers and fan base. The best way to track this interaction is not through the number of likes. Instead, it is the number of comments that you are receiving on your page.

Here are six ideas that you can use in your social media strategy to help you increase the amount of comments you are receiving.

1. Trivia Questions:

Your fans Liked your page for a reason in the beginning, most likely because they are interested in the industry you are in. Use that interest to your advantage and post a trivia question about your industry, company, or products. Although it doesn’t have to be, you can turn this into a contest. Perhaps the person who comments with the proper answer gets a 10% off coupon.

2. Videos and Photos:

One thing that will always draw comments are videos and photos. There are words all over Facebook, but what can catch someone’s eyes, and hopefully their undivided attention, is a video or photo.

3. Hand Over the Reigns:

If your followers are passionate about what your business does, they probably have some sort of an opinion on current happenings in your industry or the next move that your business makes. Use this to your advantage when you are developing new strategies or products for your business. Ask your followers what they think about a certain idea or what they would like to see you doing. This is a great way to not only build comments, but to increase the level of intimacy between your business and your followers on social media.

4. Why so serious?

Not everything that your business posts needs to be relevant to your industry 100% of the time. This can be tricky because 95% of the time your content should be relevant. Considering that you want to create an intimate level of engagement with your followers, however, it doesn’t hurt to throw something fun in there. If you are watching sports you might want to ask something about how everyone’s fantasy line up is doing. Most likely, your fans will appreciate the deeper opportunity to connect and they will respond more.

5. Links:

On Facebook the most shared items are links to websites or other articles. The reason is that it creates an extra dimension to the post. It isn’t simply words on a profile anymore, but it is the chance to go somewhere else on the internet. If you are linking to another business you can let them know and they may share it with their followers.

At the end of the day you want to create a conversation with your customers on social media. Those conversations will help improve the way your business continues to grow and handle customer service. The first step in achieving that is to make sure your followers are responding to you.

What types of posts have you had success with in regards to more comments on Facebook?