Digital Marketing Goal Setting | KPIs

Author: Jack Martin

Goal setting can be either an encouraging or discouraging process depending on how you look at it. The first step to creating a positive attitude toward goal setting is to decide what yourgoals and KPIsactually are. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicatorand as you may guess, can vary between industries, individuals, and interests. Without goals and KPIs, a business can be easily lost in the world of digital marketing. How do you measure the success of a post? What are the best ways to reach your consumers? How many likes should you have by a specific day and month? All of these questions require a path that will guide you as a marketer to the successes you deem important and are worth striving for in your company.

Setting Goals

Goal setting in digital marketing is only somewhat different from that of traditional marketing. Your tactics are different, your audience is different, and therefore, your strategy and goals should be different. If not for a marketing goal, how would we determine the platforms in which to market on or who to market to, to help us reach these goals? Developing a goal is a great way to answer these early questions without actually answering them in a structured format. If we can picture ourselves from the end result and work backward, we will likely know the best methods to reach our target audience for success. When you’re creating goals for your online presence, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

What are you selling?

Your Services, Product, Yourself, Your Prospects

What kind of tone will you use?

Scripted (i.e. canned tweets, set responses), Conversational (i.e. personal, unplanned)

How will you highlight your benefits?

Contests, Promotions, Consumer Feedback

In what ways will you differentiate your business or brand?

Colors, Fonts, Personality, Engagement

KPIs Online

Similar to your goal setting process, determining KPIs for your online presence is also important to the success of your digital marketing strategy. If you aren’t able to create key performance indicators for your social efforts, the specifics of your goals will be lost in the World Wide Web. Here are some things to consider once you’re at the stage in your goal setting journey that requires performance indicators:

Is your end goal specific enough?
Is your end goal realistic and reachable?
What is a realistic time-frame for reaching this goal?
Can your goal be measurable in a digital sense?

Once you’ve come up with responses to these questions, you’ll likely have a better idea of a few sub-goals (KPIs) that will bring you a step closer to your overall goal with having an online presence. For help with determining logical KPIs that will bring you results, contact Keystone Click. We’re here to help with your digital presence to leave you with more leads and fewer headaches.