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This week, our hosts Rai and Kyle are breaking down Facebook’s new standalone app, Local for Facebook, and discussing the possible applications of a new Instagram feature where you can now go live with a friend. Don’t miss out on the latest in technology, marketing, and design; new episodes every Monday!


Facebook Local [7:30]
Go Live with a Friend [15:15]

Facebook Local

Facebook’s old “Events” app was a bit of a dud, but last week, Facebook released a rebranded and updated version of the app that they’re calling “Local for Facebook.” Rai takes us on a walkthrough of the new app and explains some of its updated and useful features.


“Th Facebook Local app combines events and permanent places. So, if you’re Looking for something to do on a Saturday Night, it will pop up with specific events that are happening in your area as well as just cool stuff around you.” -Rai
 “Apparently, tomorrow is national pickle day, so there’s a list that tells you all kinds of restaurants in Milwaukee that offer pickles. So, if you want to take a pickle tour tomorrow, you can.” -Rai
“I think that I’ll be using this for a while and seeing how it goes, but I really like it so far.” -Rai
“I think that the reason the Facebook Events app fell apart was that they weren’t able to integrate it. They didn’t do the whole thing like when Messenger came out. You would click the messenger tab and it would pop open the app or prompt you to install it.” -Kyle
“They’re using it as a competitor to Yelp. That’s where they’re going with it.” -Rai

Go Live with a Friend

Going live can be intimidating for the newbies among us. Kyle gives us the scoop on a new Instagram feature that now allows you to go live on a split-screen with a friend. If you’ve been too nervous to try live video before, this might be a good way to get started! Take a look at Instagram’s press release (and super cool video) here: https://goo.gl/vSjdFL


“They’re definitely targeting their audience with it [the ad]. You know, high school sophomore, junior, bored out of their mind in the library.” -Kyle
“In a way, I think Instagram is trying to become a streaming app, too.” -Kyle
“I think where it can really go is for these influencers to start co-streaming together.” -Kyle
“You can’t do that with Snapchat. I mean, I bet you will soon. I bet they’ll add some kind of dual snapvison where you can add snaps together!” -Kyle
“It would make me more prone to going live. I’m scared of going live!” -Rai


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