Ep – 86 Google My Business Q&As, personalized eCommerce commercials, and design advice for noobs

Author: Jack Martin

This week on Digital Natives, Kyle, Min, and Mitch talk about personalized ecommerce commercials, Google my business Q&As, and design advice for noobs.


Subject 1 [3:09]
Subject 2 [10:00]
Subject 3 [17:30]

Personalized eCommerce commercials

Mitch shares a cool way to add personalization to your advertising. From selling a single item to using it on mass scale, personalized commercials can give you that competitive edge.


Google my business Q&As

Kyle gives our listeners great tips and knowhow about Googles my business question and answers tool.  

Design advice for noobs

Min talks about great advice from the Twitter community on design advice for noobs.

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