Planking, Owling, Batmanning – Internet Trends

Author: Jack Martin

Maybe you’ve seen it on Facebook, or heard about it on Twitter, but the latest Internet trend has been to take pictures or video at various locations in unique, yet specific poses.

The art of planking is to lay horizontally across any object or the ground with their arms by their sides, aiming to occur in daring situations or a brotherly display of core-strength. –

The act of displaying oneself on-top of miscellaneous objects in a sitting position while holding your knees. –

Hanging upside down from something by the strength of your feet and ankles. –

Creating poses that look like the headless horseman.  Check out this site dedicated to horsemanning.

What will the next crazy Internet trend be?  We can’t wait to find out. So many fun and creative photo uses and its easy to share them online via social media.
Add links to your fun pics in the comments.  We’d love to see them.