Techie Gifts for Your Sweetheart

Author: Jack Martin

Are you planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day? This year, skip the chocolates and gift your honey with one of these romantic tech gifts.

1. USB Stick Cassette: Go old school and gift a mixed tape – upgraded. This USB stick has a cassette like case that you can write your track list and personalize as you wish.

2. Heart Shaped Headphone Splitter: To go along with their new mixed tape, think about also picking up this heart themed headphone splitter. Listen to your carefully chosen songs that portray your feelings together for ultimate cuteness (If you really want to go overboard, you can also check out these heart shaped headphones!)

3. QR Code Card: V-day cards from the store are nice but if you want something more unique, try a QR code card.   Embed your words of love and even pictures to this card for a big surprise on your partners smart phone.

4. Pixel Heart Changing Mug: Whether your sweetie drinks coffee like it’s going out of style or simply enjoys video games, this pixel heart changing mug is both a festive and practical gift. The heart, also acting as a “health bar” seen in many classic video games, is made of thermo-graphic ink and will fill as you pour in a hot beverage.

5. Status Symbol Jewlery: Here is a gift your partner will surely tweet over: Status symbol jewelry. Get their Twitter name on a necklace, bracelet, or broach in silver or gold (with an option of adding diamonds!)

6. Stick N Find: Everyone loves a scavenger hunt, right? Why not create a romantic techie scavenger hunt with Stick N Find.  The Bluetooth stickers can be attached to anything and, with the use of a smartphone, can be tracked like radar.

7. USB Drive Heart Necklace: Giving your partner a heart shaped USB drive necklace could be the perfect techie gift for your valentine.

I hope this list has been helpful with your Valentines shopping. Please share any romantic tech gift ideas that you have in the comments below! Like what we say? Contact us to learn more about what we do!