Today’s Analytics Tools and How to Leverage Them

Author: Whitney Koch

“Set it and forget it” might work for you in the kitchen, but it’s not a good approach for your website or your digital marketing strategy. Sure, you’ll use automation to achieve your goals, but your efforts won’t be effective if you’re not gathering and analyzing data along the way.  You use a variety of digital tools to distribute content across many platforms. To measure performance and success, you need to organize, analyze, and report on the data gathered by data analytics tools and software. Why? Data isn’t actionable unless you analyze it. 

The analysis helps you understand how people are using your website, discover trends, and spot opportunities. It can show you if your tactics are helping you reach your marketing goals and help you determine what you need to do differently to stay on track.

The rules and expectations about online personal privacy continue to change. As more and more governmental regulations limit what types of data you can collect about your site visitors, your ability to measure the success of your digital marketing efforts will continue to be impacted. It’s necessary to make the most of all your data NOW!

The 3 Most Common Tools for Gathering Marketing Data

How much time do you spend looking at the data from Google Analytics? From your email automation tool? From your social media channels?

Now, how often do you do this?

If you responded “Too long!” and “Not often enough!” a marketing analytics tool can save you time and effort and give you a more complete picture of the effects of your marketing activities.

There are plenty of tools out there that will gather your marketing data in a centralized hub to help you make data-driven decisions faster. They can all help you achieve the same goal, so how do you decide which analytics tool is the best one for you?

We’ll walk you through 3 popular marketing analytics tools and their key features to help you decide. Oh, and none of these require coding, because who has time for that?!

Before we dive in, here’s a high-level comparison of,, and

Now let’s look at each marketing analytics tool in greater detail. is an all-in-one data analytics and automation platform that is designed to empower you to easily gather, transform, understand, and automate your data flows.

You can manage and analyze your data all in one place. Build custom reports, and access fresh and reliable data to help you make better decisions to drive business growth.

Collect and blend data from all the apps you use with numerous available integrations. Load all your data into spreadsheets, data warehouses, or BI tools and get a holistic picture of your business at your fingertips.

What sets apart?

  • An intuitive user interface
  • 15+ years of experience in workflow automation and data analytics
  • Highly rated customer support

With Funnel marketers can connect data from any marketing platform, store, organize, and share it with any visualization tool or data warehouse – all without writing a single line of code. A marketing data hub that is a single source of truth for your marketing performance.

Funnel offers a central storehouse for all your original data along with any custom fields that you create. All while meeting the toughest standards for governance, security, and control. Your data is always up to date, complete, accurate, and ready for reporting and analysis.

With prebuilt and custom rules, you can easily and automatically prepare you data for analysis. Apply game-changing transformations without affecting the underlying data — giving you unparalleled analytical flexibility.

Ensure your marketing data reaches any destination, reporting tool, or data warehouse. That includes your tools for reporting, building dashboards, analysis, and more. All while maintaining complete control from the central marketing data hub.

What sets apart?

  • 99.99% average uptime
  • 400+ team members
  • GDPR & CCPA compliant

Unify your data. Create beautiful, insightful reports and presentations so your business can compete, thrive and grow.

Minimize marketing data chaos through automation. Collect, harmonize, and store data securely.

Transform cold data into beautifully engaging insights with user-friendly, customizable reports and dashboards.

As an added benefit for agencies, create white-labeled client-facing reports, dashboards, and emails.

What sets apart?

  • 150,000+ reports automated monthly
  • $4 billion media spend monitored annually
  • 300+ clients spanning dozens of industries

Privacy Regulations and Their Impact on Your Marketing Data

In the last 5 years there’s been legislation in Europe and the United States protecting your personal data, and some large browsers no longer accept third-party tracking cookies. These laws and policies restrict the type of data collected; as digital marketers we have less information to analyze and inform our work.

But if you’re a Google Chrome user, you’ve no doubt seen those annoying pop ups asking you to accept cookies when you land on a site. That’s because Chrome, the number 1 browser in the United States, is tracking and profiling users with no defined end in sight. After all, the data is their source of revenue.

So what’s a digital marketer to do, especially as more data privacy laws go into effect in the United States?

It’s time to accept the fact that you can’t rely solely on third-party data anymore. Shifting your focus to collecting first-party data will help with compliance and build trust with your customers. An added benefit: you can use your better understanding of your customers to improve the user experience

Overwhelmed By Your Data?

Between cookies, GDPR, and your daily to-do’s, you’ve got a full plate. 

We can help measure and report key metrics for you, freeing you up to analyze and strategize. Reach out today so we can get started!