Where Right Brain Meets Left Brain: Infographics

Author: Jack Martin

How do you make data un-boring? Well, that sounds like the set up for a really terrible punchline but the answer is a lot more colorful and fun than you’d think! Infographics are taking over the web (and print), turning data into something you actually want to look at! Did you hear that? Researchers and accountants alike just yelled “Yipee!”

First off tho, what exactly IS an infographic? An infographic is a graphic visual representation of data, figures and facts.  Lately, social media has been hopping aboard this infographic train by allowing you to create an infographic based on your social media usage. Visual.ly lets you submit your Twitter handle and then, Viola! You have an avatar that shows what you tweet about and how you use Twitter, pretty cool huh?

For you bloggers out there, Wordle.net takes your blog URL and then picks out the most common words to create word art with the most popular words at the focus of the image.

So what does this mean for you? It means you can stop using boring line and bar graphs and get fun with your data! There are plenty of sites out there that help you format your information in a fun way whether it’s bright colors, avatars or puppies (who doesn’t love puppies??). The following links will take you to more detailed pages of where to get your data enhanced and transformed to SUPER DATA (or infographics).


So whether you’re using infographics for a blog post, your own personal knowledge center or to share with clients and investors via e-mail or good old in-person presentations, they’ll be sure to kick your information up a notch.

Got infographic examples? We’d love to see them! Let us know what you use and how they turned out!

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