5 Simple Ways To Make People Click Purchase

Author: Jack Martin

There are thousands of E-Commerce websites at which to shop, making it easy for your site to get lost in the mix. Is your E-Commerce site converting viewers into buyers?

What’s the point of having a great E-Commerce site with heavy traffic if your sales having nothing to show for it!

Here are 5 simple ways to encourage people to click “purchase”

1. Keep it Simple

Start with the design of your website. No one can click “purchase” if they can’t even find the “purchase” button; don’t let aesthetics take away from the functionality of your E-Commerce site.

Customers will be more likely to stay on your site (and more willing to buy your product) if your design is simple, professional, and user friendly.

Along with that, people shop online because it is supposed to make their experience easier. Keep the payment process as simple as possible. If your payment process is too complex or includes too many steps, then customers might abandon their shopping cart.

2. Have Good Images and Great Copy

Many E-Commerce sites fail to utilize quality images. Buyers won’t actually be able to hold the product, that means ensuring that you have high quality images is worth your time. It can also be beneficial to include a zoom feature on your images so customers can evaluate what they are about to purchase.

What’s a good image without great copy? Give your copy personality and unique descriptions for each product. Manufacturers often provide copy for their products that you could copy and paste, but Google doesn’t like duplicate content and neither do your customers. Give your copy some flare and keep it interesting.

Lastly, nothing turns me away from a site faster than poor grammar. It may seem obvious, but grammar mistakes in your copy can make your product and business look unprofessional. Who’s going to trust an E-Commerce site that doesn’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re?

3. Make the Customer Feel Safe

Establishing trust on your site can go a long way, especially when you’re trying to convince customers to share their address and credit card information. People want to buy from people not mindless websites. Make sure your “About Us” pages, blogs, videos, etc. are all updated, interesting, and personable.

Another great way to increase trust is to utilize customer feedback. Include testimonials and reviews on your website to help customers feel more comfortable about their purchase decision.

4. Give Customers a Reason to Visit

Offer coupons and special offers to draw customers in and to start purchasing from your site. Ask customers to subscribe to your site; consider offering an email option to make it easier for them to be updated on when special offers and deals are being made.

Keep in mind that people don’t necessarily buy the first time they visit a website. But if you give them a reason to return, they may be more willing to click “purchase” the second time around.

5. Get People Talking, Sharing, and Liking

Social media is a great way to create circulation by allowing people to share your products with a wide range of people. Make sure customers can easily connect to social media sites directly from your E-Commerce site.

Allowing customers to share your product online gives them the option to show friends what they are buying, what they should buy for themselves, and what they should buy for each other.

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