5 tips to prepare your website for the new year.

Author: Jack Martin

With business on the roller coaster it has been riding, how do you plan to succeed during challenging ride?

A countdown with five tips to prepare your website for the new year.

5) Encourage the repeat site visitors.

Repeat site visitors is an easy way to brand your brand into the heads of your consumers. Offering an incentive to return to your website such as offer of the week or tip of the month are easy ways to encourage those repeat site visits.

4) Evaluate your current SEO and PPC campaign.

Are the techniques you have been using effective? Does your SEO and PPC campaign take into effect the recent changes to business? Shoppers are frugal, customers are seeking deals – do your keywords reflect the offers and deals your business is offering?

3) Review web site statistics.

Are the statistics showing patterns on where your site visitors are leaving your site? If so, how can you change that to keep them longer? How are site visitors finding your website? Is it through the search engines, email marketing campaigns, or other websites? Reviewing website statistics allows for the opportunity to change the areas of the site that need it most. It also allows you to understand your target demographics. Are site visitors local or national? Are they searching your site at 6am or 6pm?

2) Bring the design to 2009.

If your site was last redesigned in 1999, it is a decade old now. Sad, but true. It is important though not to just redesign to make it aesthetically pleasing, but to evaluate the architecture (navigation) of the site as well. The goal of a website should be to make it as easy and pleasing for your target audience to use and navigate.

1) Get online and expand your network.

Online social and professional networks are growing every day. Your next big client could be posting a comment on Twitter.com or asking a question on LinkedIn.com. Creating an online presence outside of your website enhances your credibility, allows for additional links to your site, and opens many many doors for new business.

A Prosperous and Joyous New Year to All – Cheers!