Digital Natives Ep: 10 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

Episode 10 – DDOS Attacks, Twitter Layoffs, The Nintendo Switch, and Converted 2016   

This week our hosts Matt, Kevin, Josh, and Min take a look at the recent DDOS attacks that took down a large portion of the internet in the US, rumored Twitter layoffs and what it means for you, the Nintendo Switch and some of their favorite parts of it are, and a recent conference, Converted 2016, that Matt attended. They would also like to give a special shout out to LeadPages, the hosts of Converted, for an awesome conference with great speakers and insight.

DDOS Attacks [1:35]
Potential Twitter Layoffs [6:00]
Nintendo Switch [15:35]
Converted 2016 [25:55]

DDOS Attacks

Recently, the east coast and Midwest were hit by a huge DDOS attack that impact many people across the US. Josh explores the topic and together they discuss the implications and ideas for protecting your personal computers and internet.

“I thought for a minute that one of my favorite Twitter chats crashed Twitter and I got really excited for a minute.” -Matt
“I thought it was crazy that so many sites can go down at once and it almost seemed relatively easy.” -Josh
“Apparently, a theory about the scale of the attack revolved around the use of malware to hijack the Internet of Things devices that are being released and using them to help with the attack.” -Matt

Potential Twitter Layoffs

Twitter has been experiencing a rough year to say the least. Recently, there’s been rumors of more layoffs in the company’s future. Kevin explores what the implications might be and where the company could go in the future.

“Twitter is rumored to be laying off around 8% of their workforce which is similar to what they did last year, needless to say it’s not good for Twitter.” -Kevin
“I think Twitter is trying really hard to be a media company and that’s not what investors see there and so they’re all getting a bit scared, they’re just having an identity crisis.” -Josh
“I would be shocked if Twitter wasn’t a thing in the next 5 years.” -Kevin
“When Twitter grew it was one of the fastest growing social media networks and the hype train was huge. It may have just grown past its own sustainability.” -Matt

The Nintendo Switch

Probably the most nostalgic video game company of all time, Nintendo, has announced their newest console. Min leads the group in a conversation about their hopes, expectations, and favorite parts about the release of the information on the Nintendo Switch.

“I think what Nintendo is doing is really cool cause they’re on of the only companies still out there doing just games. It’s cool to see them try and target the ‘true gamer’ if you will.” -Josh
“I was so impressed with the way they made their launch video cause it was so true to their audience. There were two things that stuck out, it was the people in the audience who were our age and it was the fact it promoted two people on a couch playing together which was the main appeal of Nintendo.” -Matt
“You get a Nintendo system to get your Mario Kart, to get your Smash Bros, to get your Legend of Zelda but after that you’re kind of left in the dark.” -Josh

Converted 2016

Recently, Matt was able to attend Converted 2016 and he shares some of his favorite takeaways from the conference with you. In addition, the group weighs in on their thoughts on what the single best thing would be for a company to implement to increase sales.

“Every single speaker talked about optimization, the unspoken pattern was you create, you optimize, and then you scale.” -Matt
“Andrew Warren, a speaker, brought up Chat Bots and it just blew everyone’s mind, they all left on the first day and came back with one the next day.” -Matt
“With correct automation a mom and pop shop can run like it’s a massive company.” -Kevin

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