Digital Natives Ep: 11 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

Episode 11 – 2016 Marketing Trends, Self-Encrypting AI, Samsung Home AI, and Social Media in The Election  

This week has sparked some interesting developments in the digital world from AI that are capable of encrypting their messages to hide them from one another to the election nearing its close. Join the Digital Natives Cast as they explore some of these topics and more to give you insight on what’s happening.

2017 Marketing Trends [1:18]
Google AI Encrypts Itself [5:03]
Samsung’s AI Assistant [11:17]
Social Media in The Election [15:50]

2017 Marketing Trends

As 2016 draws closer to its close, many people are beginning to look forward to what to expect in 2017. Anna leads the group through a discussion on some predictions she’s seen and what the group thinks themselves.

“I think that for Facebook, the main way they will expand is through ads because they’re doing some really interesting stuff with the way you can target people.” -Josh
“I’m not sure that I see Facebook as innovative right now, definitely Snapchat but I’m not sure if Facebook is anymore.” -Matt
“It’s so easy to get a filter from Snapchat now, so I think that’s something a lot of people will be doing this coming year because it’s so cheap and effective.” -Min

Google’s AI Encrypts Itself

Artificial Intelligence has been a big subject for the cast and Google’s just added a big conversation piece. Min brings an article discussing how Google’s AI was tasked with and succeeded at encrypting a message that it was sending to another AI.

“Google set up three neural networks and tasked two of them with communicating so that the other one couldn’t understand them and they were able to do it.” -Min
“The AI also defeated the tournament champion in Go 10 years before they predicted that it would be able to beat him.” -Min
“I think it’s possible for technology to go too far too fast and this is kind of what we’re seeing.” -Josh
“This is an AI that’s given a task and finds out how to handle it which is a more ‘human’ way of creating an AI and ultimately a big step toward moving an AI forward.” -Matt

Samsung’s Personal AI

Personal AI assistants are becoming more and more popular as companies continue to produce them. We now have AIs produced by Apple, Amazon, and Google, to name a few companies, Recently, Samsung has announced that they’re going to be joining the ranks of companies producing AI assistants. Matt leads the group through a discussion of where it might excel and what it needs to succeed.

“Each personal AI assistant has a niche; Siri emulates a person, Google and Alexa both are basically voice activated search engines, I’m curious where Samsung’s home AI will fall into that distribution.” -Matt
“I think for Samsung to be successful they’ll need to just about blow every other AI out of the water to get anywhere.” -Min
“I’m assuming Samsung will put something together that’s just so far above and beyond because everything has advanced so far and is so similar right now.” -Josh

Social Media in The Election

With election season drawing to a close, Josh looks back on the past campaigns to see how the group feels that social media has effected the results.

“This was probably the second election that social media has been able to have an influence on.” -Josh
“I’ve seen close to 30 people I follow on Snapchat put filters on the candidates on every single election debate it seems like.” -Anna
“I have friends who have just filtered out everything to do with politics on their Facebook feeds.” -Matt
“Both candidates are so heavily on social and everyone is so heavily involved that it’s been huge this year.”
“I would really like to see the data after this election is all said and done and then at that point look and see what effect social media has had and then re-evaluate how it should be used or if it should be used at all.” -Josh

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