Digital Natives Ep: 6 Show Notes

Author: Jack Martin

Episode 6 – Twitter changes, tried and true vs innovative, snapchat spectacles, security breaches, and YouTube social

Episode 6 featuring Matt, Kevin, Josh, and Anna kicks off gets back to the ideas behind social in both theory and practice with changes from Twitter and a broad look at marketing tactics. On the technology side you’ll also be able to hear about Snapchat’s newest tech venture and the hosts thoughts on some of the recent internet security breaches in this week’s episode The Digital Natives Cast.

New Twitter Changes [2:25]
YouTube’s New Social Platform [5:32]
Internet Security Breaches [10:25]
Tried and True VS Innovative Marketing Tactics [19:55]
Snapchat Spectacles [29:05]

New Twitter Updates

Twitter has always limited us to 140 characters but recently they’ve made some changes to make it easier to share images and links with all of your followers! Anna leads us in a discussion to try and identify what this means for marketers using Twitter and what to expect in the future.

“The character limit is 140 but that only includes words, now you can include extra if it’s a link or mention.”
“I feel like they’re putting more emphasis on imagery and emoji’s and things!” -Josh
“This seems like a necessity because Twitter isn’t getting the same traction they used to because people want video, look at Snapchat for example.” -Kevin
“Twitter is still one of my favorite social networks but it will be interesting to see what the future will look like for Twitter, I think it will change a lot.” -Matt

YouTube’s New Social Platform

The group at large manages to find their way into discussing the newest change to one of the largest existing platforms, YouTube. The hosts try and decipher some of the controversy behind Google’s second attempt at a social network.

“YouTube is adding in their new community features and I’m not sure if I like that!”-Kevin
“YouTube is adding in a community aspect with a more robust conversation system but they also added in stricter guidelines and then allows the community members to moderate it, their ‘Heroes’ program.” -Matt
“So, from what I understand YouTube put in this algorithm that they would use to search for vulgar stuff that would disqualify videos for ad revenue and people’s videos were getting flagged that weren’t bad. So many videos got flagged that they decided they needed real people and that’s why they created the heroes program.” -Josh
“They almost ‘Gamified’ it, the more you flag people and the more that are confirmed are bad, the more moderator abilities you get up until a certain point.” -Matt

Internet Security Breaches

A big controversy over the last few years had been the amount of security breaches by large companies. Josh takes us through a discussion on some of the past breaches and what people can do to keep themselves safe online going forward.

“It’s scary but it’s also not at the same time, it’s almost expected fear. It’s more now preparing yourself to make sure when something like this does happen it doesn’t train wreck you.” -Kevin
“There’s a lot of intimidating information you can pull off phones for example, Google tracks you on google maps.” -Matt
“I think it’s difficult because everything is so integrated now” -Kevin
“One thing I learned that was almost a little scary was to take whatever email address you use and put it into Google to see what comes up, usually it’s everything that uses that email.” –Matt

Tried and True VS Innovative Marketing Tactics

Everyone always discusses whether it’s best to invest your time and money into what we know works or what’s up and coming with marketing. To help straighten out the ideas Kevin explores both sides with our cast members to try and identify the best opportunity.

“You keep seeing everyone wants to be forward thinking and sometimes that just doesn’t work and you see some forward thinking tactics just bomb and companies go down because of it.” -Kevin
“I think the only thing that will stay tried and true is that whatever you do needs to have personality.” -Matt
“To stay relevant and stay successful you need to have at least some part of your brain in that forward thinking mentality.” -Matt
“Anything that’s forward thinking will become tried and true eventually if enough people latch onto it, the tried and true will always be there in the sense of old mediums of communication” -Josh
“At my university we used to receive safety alerts and things via email and it’s all transitioned to text message and it’s kind of annoying and I feel kind of bombarded. It’s almost too personal to be contacted by my university via text message.” -Anna

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat recently released its competitor to the controversial Google Glass, Matt takes a look at “Spectacles” by having the cast do a rapid fire opinion column.

“I think it’s kind of crazy and kind of scary.” -Anna
“I think sunglasses emoji, question mark, clapping hands, thumbs up! 100.” -Josh
“I think it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard quite possibly and I’ll be fascinated to find out how much these stupid things cost.” -Kevin
“This could be one of those things we come back to in the future and say this was a great success or this was horrible.” -Matt

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