Episode 31 – Instagram Hits 1 Million Advertisers and Google Has Some Ups and Downs

Author: Jack Martin

This week, join Will and Matt as they take a look at some of the biggest names in digital marketing and what’s been going on. From major advances in advertisers to some good and bad press on Google.

Instagram Hits 1 Million Advertisers [3:30]
Google Gets Some Bad Press [13:20]
Google Gets Some Good Press for a Powerful Update [19:00]

Instagram Hits 1 Million Advertisers

Facebook owned Instagram is gaining in popularity and prominence for advertisers across the world as it hits 1 million total advertisers. Our host Will looks to discuss why it’s become so popular and what it means for ads on Instagram going forward.

“Instagram announced they’re at 1 million active advertisers since this time in September when they only had 500,000.” -Will
“80% of people use the platform to follow a business that aligns with their passion.” -Will
“Instagram is an extremely simple platform, in a matter of two or three taps, users can get to a businesses page.” -Will
“Instagram will be implementing booking or appointment booking buttons within business profiles.” -Will
“For myself, Instagram is my one social account that I have for personal use.” -Matt
“I think Instagram is one of the most powerful platforms because it still has really good organic reach.” -Matt
“If you do it well, you can have a lot of people find you on Twitter and Instagram just by using good hashtags” – Matt

Google Gets Some Bad Press

Google’s advertising platform is hailed as one of the most powerful mediums for paid ads online but it’s been under a lot of scrutiny lately. Prominent figures like the Royal Bank of Scotland have removed themselves from its ad platform and Matt pauses to see why.

“Google apologized for issues they had their display ads network.” -Matt
“Very big professional companies have had their display ads put up next to legally questionable, unsafe, or unprofessional ads.” -Matt
“Google is known for looking at flagged content really well, if something is flagged inappropriate or unacceptable they review 94% of it within 24 hours.” -Matt

Google Gets Some Good Press for a Powerful Update

Despite all the bad press that Google has received lately, it quietly pushed out an update that will have a big impact on how searches are displayed on mobile devices. Matt breaks it down for a closer look at how it effects your business and how you can leverage it for success.

“Google will be updating their mobile platform to have something similar to an app launcher. Below the search bar you can quickly search by tons of quick searches.” -Matt
“This update will put more emphasis on the rich snippets that I’ve mentioned previously.” -Matt
“Rich snippets are a chunk of text, lists, images, or maps, that show up first on search results.” -Matt
“Trying to optimize correctly so you show up in rich snippets is going to be one of the most important SEO tactics going forward.” -Matt

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