Episode 34 – April the Giraffe, Snapchat Boosts Advertising, and Recycling Your Content

Author: Jack Martin

Last week saw a major publicity grab through a Facebook live stream on April the Giraffe as she gave birth and snapchat putting some extra power behind their advertising platform! Join Matt, Will, and Anna as they discuss these and more in this week’s episode of the Digital Natives Cast!

April The Giraffe [7:00]
Snapchat Boosts Advertising [17:40]
Recycling Your Content [23:30]

April The Giraffe

Anna was following the April the Giraffe livestream closely from start to finish and was fascinated with all the social buzz that surrounded it from start to finish. This week, she leads us through a discussion on what was done to create the massive social hype!

“April the Giraffe is an internet phenomenon that was going on.” -Anna
“People are going crazy over the live footage of April the Giraffe, the Zoo was posting, Toys R Us was sponsoring.” -Anna
“To leverage their livestream, the zoo used three tactics: FOMO, business opportunity, and creating an international community of viewers through the live stream.” -Anna
“It’s cool how live videos are able to create such a strong video because people are coming together to watch it at the same time.” -Anna

Snapchat Boosts Advertising

With the social media giant Facebook looming overhead, Snapchat is doing what it can to expand and fast! Their latest addition has been a more powerful advertising platform that our host Will explains in depth.

“Snapchat is launching a location based product that lets people see if customers go into stores after seeing an advertisement.” -Will
“Snapchat will have a dashboard so people can see KPIs displayed nicely.” -Will
“80% of Snapchat users open up their app at a restaurant, 60% at a mall, and 40% at airports.” -Will
“Business owners are starting to get a lot more power on Snapchat to not just advertise their product but also to justify their ROI.” -Matt

Recycling Your Content

In any profession, you spend countless hours creating beautiful content pieces to promote your business but it often times seems like they disappear after you’ve posted them. Matt leads a discussion about how you can repurpose older content or begin recycling new content to get the most out of everything you create!

“With old blog posts, you can have a significant impact on the SEO for your website by simply updating the information in older posts and keeping them fresh.” -Matt
“Your content shouldn’t just die when it’s published, you should update it and help it live on.” -Matt
“From every episode of Digital Natives that we make, we create two large form pieces of content and probably 5 – 10 different social media posts.” -Matt
“It’s really important to make the most out of each event or content piece you create and you do that by repurposing your content after it’s created.” -Will
“By repurposing your content into different mediums, it helps you create higher quality content at a lower quantity but still keep posting regularly.” -Matt

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