Episode 35 – #NugsForCarter, Fitbit Nails UX, Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino’s, and Facebook F8 Recap

Author: Jack Martin

This week, our hosts Matt, Min, Anna, and Will discuss one of the biggest Twitter crazes to date, an amazing user experience, a crazy (successful) launch strategy, and mind boggling technology from Facebook. Tune in weekly to get all the latest in technology, marketing, and design!

#NugsForCarter [3:50]
Fitbit Nails the User Experience [11:45]
Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino [18:45]
Facebook F8 Recap [24:10]


Wendy’s is known for having a sassy, extremely well done social media presence that interacts with their fans on a daily basis but, they could’ve never expected that one of their usual jokes could turn a major hype train. Our host, Will, looks at how one interaction sparked an international craze on Twitter through the hashtag #NugsForCarter

“A high school student tweeted, ‘Yo @Wendy’s how many retweets for a year of chicken nuggets’ to which Wendy’s replied ‘18 million’ and it all started from there.” -Will
“Big companies like Google started tweeting at their competition saying things like ‘We’re in’ and getting tons of support for Carter.” -Will
“Other brands are jumping onboard like Southwest who said they would give him a free flight to any Wendy’s location.” -Will
“Take a note from Wendy’s on Twitter, they’re so sassy but human, they interact with their audience all the time and it works out great!” -Will
“Brands shouldn’t be robotic on social media, if you use social media correctly so many great things can come out of it” -Will
“You need to either create guidelines that define how your employees can interact on social media or give them the freedom to do what they need to do.” -Matt

Fitbit Nails the User Experience

The overall user experience not only derives from your product but extends far beyond it into your interactions with your customers. When it comes to the user experience, our host Min thinks FitBit has nailed it! She takes us through a discussion on some of their strongest points and how it’s brought them success.

“One of the reasons FitBit is so successful is because they’re really good about their targeting. They try to reach people who want to work out but need a little kick in the butt and the nailed it.” -Min
“FitBit’s advertising does a great job of showing off the lifestyle that their target audience wants to have.” -Min
“FitBit is constantly improving and making it easier to track the way you’re exercising, all with the user experience in mind.” -Min
“Because of how good they are with their customer service, FitBit has built great brand loyalty and have gained a ton of repeat customers.” -Matt

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

Starbucks is known for having killer time sensitive campaigns that drive millions in sales on specific beverages every year. This year, they debuted a new “Unicorn Frappuccino” which Anna analyzes to get the most out of their limited time campaign!

“This Unicorn Frappuccino is really similar to their seasonal drinks but on a smaller scale, they’ve really mastered this limited time only thing.” -Anna
“Starbucks is really using FOMO, I’m worried I’ll miss out on it!” -Anna
“I really respect Starbuck’s marketing and social media, it’s really personable, they know exactly who they’re targeting, and they do a great job with graphics.” -Anna

Facebook F8 Recap

From typing 100 words per minute with your mind to hanging out with your friends in virtual reality, Facebook’s F8 shared a ton of new innovations that the company is working on for coming years. Our host Matt looks to break down a few of the changes and share the results with you!

“Facebook really emphasized augmented reality, they said that your phone will be the first mainstream augmented reality platform.” -Matt
“You’ll soon be able to leave contextual notes and images in locations using augmented reality that only your friends will be able to see!” -Matt
“Facebook is also releasing something called Facebook Spaces that will let you meet up with friends in virtual reality.” -Matt
“As a business, you can now turn on an AI assistant that will respond intelligently to messages based on the information you have put into your Facebook page.” -Matt
“Facebook’s also unifying their analytics platform to a single program.” -Matt

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