Episode 36 – Transactional Messaging, The Light Phone, and Instagram Hits 700 Million Active User

Author: Jack Martin

Welcome back to another week of Digital Natives with your hosts Matt, Anna, and Will! This week, they explore the rise in transactional messaging, the Light Phone, and another major milestone for Instagram. Tune in every Monday for the latest in technology, marketing, and design from the Digital Natives!

Transactional Messaging [6:20]
The Light Phone [14:45]
Instagram Hits 7 Million Active Users [19:10]

Transactional Messaging Around the Globe

Transactional messaging has had a major impact in China but its rise has been slowed in the U.S. Regardless, Facebook and other major players are pushing the platform forward into the limelight and Matt helps lead the group through a discussion to discover how you can benefit!

“Transactional messaging is basically accepting or giving payment through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, or texting.” -Matt
“In China, 90% of people who were connected to the internet are doing it through smart phones.” -Matt
“In the U.S. We’ve only been able to get around 37 million people using transactional messaging.” -Matt
“I love using Venmo to send money, it’s super convenient.” -Will
“I know around three people that have had their Venmo get hacked!” -Anna
“In the first quarter of 2016, 3.2 Billion dollars’ worth of transactions took place on Venmo.” -Will

The Light Phone

The rise of mobile devices has been mirrored by a rise in dependency on those devices. As we move closer to a world with complete mobile integration and saturation, we’re finding some people just want to disconnect. Our host Anna explores a new product that helps people do just that!

“The Light Phone hooks up to your phone and it removes the ability to use all these different internet apps and instead only allows you to make calls.” -Anna
“It’s convenient because you can have your phone but if you need to disconnect you can just hook up the light phone and get away.” -Anna
“There’s a huge niche for people that just want to be minimalists.” -Will

Instagram hits 700 Million Active Users

When it comes to total users, Facebook has the social space on lockdown however, it’s smaller platform, Instagram, is seeing major continued growth. Recently, Instagram has hit 700 million active users, a major achievement for the platform itself! Our host Will explores its success and what it means for you today!

“The newest milestone is that Instagram has reached 700 million monthly active users which has doubled in the last two years!” -Will
“Instagram stories has 200 million active users to 161 million active users on Snapchat.” -Will
“People kind of don’t want to see a bulk amount of text, they just want to see a picture so that’s why Instagram has been thriving.” -Will
“Instagram gives you the tools you need to thrive in a modern digital world, you’ve got the organic reach you need and the audience to gain.” -Matt
“Your growth on Instagram has a lot to do with the quality of your pictures and how relatable they are.” -Anna

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