Episode 42 – What Happens After the Click, Amazon Buys Whole Foods, and Engaging on Pinterest

Author: Jack Martin

This week our hosts Matt and Anna bid farewell to Anna as she sits in on her last episode! Together, the three explore the what happens after someone clicks through to our website, the purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon, and powerful tactics for engaging on Pinterest.

What Happens After the Click [7:05]
Amazon Buys Whole Foods [15:10]
Engaging on Pinterest [24:20]


What Happens After the Click

When visitors click on social posts, advertisements, or results in Google that lead them to your website, what happens after the click? Matt leads the group through a discussion on how to ensure your website is making the most out of every visit you receive!

“What happens after your website visitor reads your blog post, does the interaction just stop there?” -Matt
“It’s important to think about what you want your site visitors to do ahead of time because a lot of websites put you in a loop of eternal blog posts.” -Matt
“I hate when you’re so excited for a blog post and you click the link to read it and it takes you somewhere else.” -Anna
“On all of your pages, you should feature prominence, promise, and proof!” -Matt
“Build a structure to your next 10 blog posts, pick two that are calls-to-action that send them to your services, three that are explaining in depth of your product, and have 5 that are exploration of your subject.” -Matt


Amazon Buys Whole Foods

As a grab at grocery sales, Amazon has purchased Whole Foods and there’s a lot of questions around its future. Will it stay the same, turn into Amazon’s cashier-less stores, or will it be the landing point for drone deliveries? Rai explores the topic and helps the group answer how it will impact you.

“Amazon bought Whole Foods for 13.7 Billion dollars.” -Rai
“People aren’t really sure if Amazon will turn it into drone deliver, their go stores, or what!” -Rai
“I’ve tried doing the Prime Pantry and it forces you to spend a pretty decent amount of money before it will let you actually purchase it.” -Anna
“I’ll bet they do some testing of different store types now that they own Whole Foods.” -Anna


Engaging on Pinterest

With its substantial user base, Pinterest stands as a great platform for engaging casually with your target market. Anna bids the group farewell by sharing some of her favorite tips and techniques on Pinterest with our other hosts and you!

“Pinterest is one of those platforms that people either know how to use it or have never touched it.” -Anna
“Pinterest actually has 100 Million users and is 79% Female.” -Anna
“I can personally spend all day on Pinterest, I’m much more involved than with other platforms.” -Anna
“On Pinterest, you create boards that are organized based on interest and category.” -Anna
“You can do Pinterest regardless of industry, manufacturers can do one on welding, woodworkers can have a DIY board, it’s just really casual.” -Anna


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