Episode 49 – Starting Your Blog, Google Tries Social… Again, and What Not to Do When Making Content.

Author: Jack Martin

This week Min returns to the group along with Matt and Rai to look at some of the basics of creating content and how, in particular, to not create it! The group also explores how Google is making its way into social networking despite its multiple previous failed attempts! Join our hosts every Monday as they explore the latest in technology, marketing, and design.

Starting Your Blog [2:20]
Google Tries Social… Again [12:10]
What Not to Do When Making Content [15:10]


Starting Your Blog

We’ve shared multiple times the power of having a blog but we haven’t quite broken down how to get started… until now! Our host Rai takes a look at what goes into getting your own blog off the ground and working for you!

“Before you start blogging, you need to identify the mission of your blog.” -Rai
“You can discover your mission by answering the statement ‘Our company is where audience X finds content Y for benefit Z’.” -Rai
“When blogging, build two or three strong pillars of content that are big pieces of content. This helps with SEO, internal linking, and social media.” -Rai
“Answer every comment you receive on your blog when you’re starting out, it helps build community and repeat readers.” -Rai
“A lot of blogging platforms try to build mini social platforms on their own so your comments will link back to your blog and help you out.” -Matt
“If you’re a restaurant serving food to one of two people, you can serve to someone who’s hungry or someone who ate five minutes ago. It’s the same concept when you cater to who’s reading your content.” -Matt


Google Tries Social… Again

Historically, Google has tried creating multiple social networks, from its most prominent, Google+, to smaller ones like  Google Wave and Google Buzz but it’s at it again, looking to create something called Google Stamp. Our host Matt explores how it’s supposed to work and if it looks legitimate!

“We’ve seen Snapchat getting blatantly ripped off by Facebook, now Google is giving it a try.” -Matt
“Google is planning on creating a version of the discover page on Snapchat and calling it Stamp.” -Matt
“Everyone is saying apps will die in a few years and everything will become progressive web apps.” -Matt
“Google tried to buy Snapchat twice historically.” -Matt
“Google is changing up a lot of its platforms to add social platforms at the least an interactive piece.” -Matt


What Not to Do When Making Content

Online, you constantly see articles listing ideas for things you should be doing when you’re making your content but many times they won’t list some of the most common don’ts of making content. To help out, Min explores some of the things you should be avoiding when you’re making content.

“Start small with one or two big content pieces and then break those down into smaller pieces on email or social media.” -Min
“Don’t speak only about yourself in your content, if you educate people they will see you as a true expert.” -Min
“Blogging is a great tool but you need to do other things to share your content, it won’t expand on its own.” -Min
“A lot of people think that you need to be current with everything but in reality, creating content that’s relevant for a year or more can be shared multiple times.” -Min

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