Using Podcasts in Marketing | 3 Reasons to Try Podcasting in your Marketing Strategy

Author: Jack Martin

While content of the written or visual variety continues to be the norm in digital marketing, methods in audio have quickly been on the rise. With the average person having less and less time to commit to absorbing rich content, a vehicle in which you can give your audience a chance to take in your passively is an attractive option. This has been the driving force behind the podcast boom of late. With the ability to present long form engaging content that people can listen to while continuing their other tasks, podcasts have become a great way to establish yourself in your space.

With a variety of genres ranging from leisure to business, usingpodcasts in marketingis one strategy to watch this year. Here are 3 reasons we see podcasts fitting into your next marketing strategy:

1. Authentic Communication

As content consumers ourselves, we’ve come to respect brands that have the capability to sell real solutions from real people; meaning no veiled industry language or jargon. People appreciate getting to know others on a personal level, and conversations are perhaps the most effective way to do that. Podcasts allow listeners to be dropped into authentic conversations with the members of your team. With a podcast, you’re given the opportunity to take a realistic approach to presenting your ideas in a way that connects on a personal level.

2. Real Value Added Content

With other content vehicles, you’re most likely going in with the purpose of selling your product or service. With podcasting, you are forced to have conversations about real issues or topics in your industry. You know that you can’t expect someone to listen to you talk about your product for an hour, you must come up with conversations that captivate your audience. Maybe one episode you choose to go the route of an interview, while the next you have a panel discuss a new trend in the industry. No matter which direction you choose to go in, you’re engaging your target market by giving them fresh, honest content.

3. Join the Community

It’s always been said that wherever your target audience is, that’s where you need to be. If you invest time into an area that has a large following, odds are you’ll receive traffic in return. This is certainly the case for podcasts. While podcasts may not be everyone’s go-to method of social engagement, you’ll find that following for them is especially active and engaged. When it comes to reaching others online, it’s definitely better to have a few quality followers, rather than a ton of “dead fish”. If you are looking to immerse your brand in a community that will give you the type of connections that lead to real conversations down the line, podcasts might be your best bet.

As you grow to become comfortable behind the microphone, you’ll learn the ways in which you gain the most traction amongst your audience. Remember that you are creating an experience that others will use as a getaway—take advantage of that! Create a voice that others enjoy and you will find yourself with a following that is eager to meet you in person, and further still, ready to work with you for the long term.