Valentine’s Day Dating

Author: Jack Martin

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, people around the world are scrambling to make plans with friends or that special someone. But not to worry if you’re still holding out for a last minute date, there’s hope! Enter: dating apps.

If you’re feeling adventurous and up for an unconventional Valentine, you could try your luck with a dating app this year!

To make things easier for you, we wanted to provide a breakdown of the most popular dating apps and how they work!



Tinder’s popularity exploded late last year and it continues to be one of the most talked about dating apps. If you haven’t tried tinder yet, it’s an easy one to set up. This app requires you to have a Facebook profile to create an account. Tinder uses your location to find people near you and also uses your friends to link you with friends of friends. Then you all ready to swipe left or right and get to matching! A Tinder match is made when both parties “like” or swipe right. When a Tinder match is made you can talk to the other party. Let the romance (or strange encounters) begin!


Think Uber, but instead of ride sharing, it connects you to your next hot date! Clover’s edge on Tinder is its On-Demand Dating feature where users can browse people nearby who have liked them. Then the app will confirm a time and place to meet at.


Clover works much like Tinder; you can create an account using your Facebook profile or with an email address. Clover differs from Tinder however because it allows for more customization using filters. You can restrict who can contact you by age as well as intent such as casual to serious dating. You are able to undo swipes if you accidentally swiped left to someone you meant to like.


For those of you who are still wary of dating apps, Hinge might be the right app for you. Hinge has been an up and coming player and is following close behind Tinder in popularity. Hinge uses your Facebook profile to set up your account and accesses your friends on Facebook to create matches with only people whom you have mutual friends with. You can also use filters such as age, orientation and location to narrow down results. At noon every day, the app will send you a list of potential matches, and if it’s a match you can get to talking!


And if all else fails,

The Invisible Boyfriend (or Girlfriend) App

If you’ve exhausted all your options or don’t want to go the dating app route, at least you can still pretend that you’ve got someone special this Valentine’s Day.


For the small price of $24.99 a month, you can fabricate your own boyfriend or girlfriend complete with a name and story with how you both met and someone who will also text you 100 times a month. If your search for a last minute Valentine goes awry at least you can pretend, right?

So there’s our roundup of dating apps and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Have you used a different dating app that you think works better? Any stories (good or bad) from your dating app experiences that you would like to share? We’d love to hear what you think!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!