Episode 40 – Subject Google Quick Draw, AI Marketing, and Personal Branding

Author: Jack Martin

After a short break, the Digital Natives are back! This week; Matt, Anna, and Min explore how AI is adapting to better understand images and sell your products using powerful look alike audiences. Additionally, we’ve talked about the power of branding before but now we explore what it can do for you, personally.

Google Quick Draw [4:00]
AI Marketing [9:00]
Personal Branding on Social Media [11:45]

Google Quick Draw

To help test and grow their neural network, Google set up a program called Google Quick Draw where users play a game of Pictionary, with Google’s AI. Our host Min put the AI to the test and she shares her findings and what it means for the future!

“Over 15 million people have participated in Google Draw.” -Min
“Google supplies a prompt and then gives you 20 seconds to draw it while a neural network tries to guess your drawings.” -Min
“Google is using Google Draw to help developers, designers, and AI understand the patterns on how people draw objects.” -Min


AI Marketing

How does a New York branch of Harley Davidson increase its lead generation by almost 3000%, AI of course! Our host Matt explores the power of this new AI marketer and how uses lookalike audiences to create amazing results for businesses.

“By connecting an AI to your CRM, the AI would create lookalike audiences and find you more customers using your assets.” -Matt
“Anyone has the power to do what AI engines are currently doing, you just can’t do it to the scale that they’re doing.” -Matt
“Using lookalike audiences, you can create powerful ads and campaigns to build more qualified leads.” -Matt
“If you have a CRM, you need to actually use it. Update it religiously and leverage the information in it.” -Matt
“Automating your CRM can help a lot to keep it updated.” -Matt


Personal Branding on Social Media

The Digital Natives have discussed how a brand is more important now than ever but when it comes to you personally, how can you even get started? Our host Anna breaks down the benefits of social platforms for personal branding to help give you a starting point to market yourself!

“Providing things like tips, advice, or entertainment can go a long way to build your personal brand.” -Anna
“It’s always a good idea to focus on one or two platforms and then grow it from there.” -Anna
“While LinkedIn gives you a good opportunity to connect in a business setting while Facebook gives you an awesome platform to connect with potential customers more personally.” -Anna
“Twitter is a great platform when you want to get the point across quickly and with personality. You can use humor, hashtags, and GIFs to help relate to your target market.” -Anna


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