Episode 76 – Conversion Rates Between Channels, SparkToro, DuckDuckGo, and Avoiding Subjective Feedback

Author: Jack Martin

Happy Monday, Digital Natives! Last week our hosts Mitch, Kyle, Rai, and Min (along with special guest Leia!) had a great discussion about some need to know topics in the digital and design space. Old platforms are reemerging, and a well-known SEO expert ventures off into the world of influencer marketing. What’s next? You’ll just have to be sure to tune in every Friday to the Digital Natives Podcast!


Conversion Rate Differences Between Channels [3:35]
SparkToro [9:15]
DuckDuckGo [14:30]
Avoiding Subjective Feedback [24:00]

Conversion Rates Between Channels

Do Google or Bing ads convert better for large purchases? How about Facebook ads? The answers might surprise you! Mitch asked his fellow hosts a few of these questions and he had us stumped. Take a look at the statistics so that you make sure that you’re placing your ads on the right channel for the job!



If you follow any digital marketing thought leaders, then you probably know Rand Fishkin of Moz. He’s the founder of one of the best SEO resources on the web and is now moving on to bigger and better things! SparkToro is the name of his new venture and this time he’s tackling influencer marketing. Kyle gives us the overview of this new company and we speculate a bit about what’s to come.



The search engine DuckDuckGo has been around for quite a while (2009), but it’s gaining renewed interest due to recent privacy concerns across the internet to the tune of 50% growth in less than a year. Rai talks about her experience using the search engine for the week and how advertising on the internet might change with the increased interest in private browsing.


Avoiding Subjective Feedback

Subjective feedback is one of the more annoying things that a designer deals with when getting approval from clients. Often it results from too many people looking at designs and offering critique in an area that they’re not experts in, or just not being able to express themselves. (Make it pop… we’ve all heard that one.) Min shares some great tips on how to avoid this type of useless feedback and the questions that you should be asking to make sure that the design is functional and useful for the client.



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