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The Challenge

When Covid-19 caused temporary closures for brick-and-mortar stores around America, it presented a massive challenge for furniture stores that were dependent on customers visiting their store to purchase their products. Dining Furniture Showcase was no different, and in a highly competitive furniture industry, they knew that their business would take a hit unless they adapted to their new environment. Instead of waiting for their store to reopen to launch their marketing efforts again, Dining Furniture Showcase decided to double down on their marketing efforts in order to stay ahead of their competition. They believed that if they stayed in front of their target market through increased marketing efforts they would be able to flourish when customers could start to enter the store again.

The Process

Our goal throughout the process of working with Dining Furniture Showcase was to increase their communication with their clients. We made the suggestion that they change their messaging to encourage customers to visit their online catalog or to schedule a call to make an appointment to visit the store in person, or virtually. to As a result, the social media we created for Dining Furniture Showcase was focused on those two areas. The change in messaging on their social media accounts allowed Dining Furniture Showcase to continue to stay in front of their target audience in an effective and relevant manner.

The Outcome

The social media work done for Dining Furniture Showcase allowed them to continue making sales while the rest of the furniture industry struggled to do so. Additionally, we believed that when their brick-and-mortar store reopened,  the increased awareness from the social media campaigns would result in a massive boom in business. Due to their commitment to doubling down on their marketing efforts to stay in front of their target audience while their store was closed, Dining Furniture Showcase saw their best 3 month period of their 40-year existence after their store reopened. Our work with Dining Furniture Showcase to continue to push their message not only allowed them to maintain their sales while restrictions were in place but also allowed their business to thrive after restrictions were lifted.

Check out our interview with Kent McDonell, owner of Dining Furniture Showcase below!

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