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The Challenge

Excel & Flourish had an extremely outdated website which they knew was holding back their business as a whole. Due to the website being outdated and difficult to navigate, their website wasn't generating any leads. They didn't have enough time to focus on creating a website on their own and they needed an outside source to help provide them with a fresh new website.

The Process

In order to create a website that would generate Excel & Flourish leads, we knew we needed to have a website that focused on their core offerings. Excel & Flourish worked with us to identify their target audience as well as the main message they needed to convey in order to start generating leads. 

The Results

Given the challenges Excel & Flourish was facing, we decided to create a Squarespace website so that it would be fresh, navigable, and would highlight their core offerings. When the website launched, Excel & Flourish noticed that their website was receiving much more traffic than their previous site. This culminated with the website beginning to generate leads for them! 

Excel & Flourish Website