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The Challenge

InCheck was in the process of rebranding and needed a website that fit the new identity and feel of their company. They wanted to distinguish themselves as different from their old brand and needed a fresh and original website to do so. They needed their website to function properly, be easy to edit, and boost their SEO which was a weak facet of their previous website.  

The Process

 Most important to us while designing the website was that their new website reflected their new identity. To accomplish this we made sure the color scheme and fonts stayed consistent with their new logo throughout the website.  In terms of functionality, we made sure the website was user-friendly by creating easy-to-access tabs that would allow clients to navigate their site stress-free and find the service they needed. As important as it was to create a website that was user-friendly, it was equally important to make sure it was owner-friendly and that InCheck could make needed edits in minutes. Subsequently, we created a modular design for the website which put each section of content in its own specific module. This made it simple for InCheck to make changes to their website as all they had to do to make edits was to go into the specific module that needed to be fixed and simply edit the text to their liking.

The Outcome

After the launch of the website, they were satisfied with their ability to present their rebrand in a fresh and engaging manner to their prospects and employees. The modular design simplified the editing process which allowed them to feel confident in their ability to make website edits whenever needed. Due to the SEO boost from the new website, they have seen more traffic being directed to their website which has aided them in reaching their target market in the most effective way.

InCheck Website