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The Challenge

KLCM Advisors was in need of an engaging and user-friendly website to replace their outdated site. The previous website was not giving their financial advisors in the field the confidence they needed to refer potential clients back to the KLCM website. Consequently, their lack of a user-friendly website was hurting their business as a whole. KLCM knew they needed a new website that not only captured their homegrown field but also gave them the confidence to refer customers to.

The Process

From day 1 of the design process, it was crucial that we researched the industry, as well as what potential clients were looking for in a website. Being conscientious to be in compliance with the rules and regulations of the financial industry was put at the forefront of the website design. Subsequently, we knew that we wanted to create a website that was easy for them to update their customers on changes in regulations and industry trends through the use of blogs and newsletters. From there on, we focused on building a website that highlighted their strengths in a way that would speak to their potential clients. Our final step was making the site as navigable as possible to improve the user experience. We did this by building navigation that highlighted their services as well as industry trends through the use of blogs and newsletters.

The Outcome

KLCM was impressed with how clean and user-friendly their new website was. They loved the simplicity of the website and they were happy that their site was original, easy to use, but not over the top. Their new website has given their financial advisors in the field the ability to confidently refer potential clients to their site.

KLCM Website