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R&B Grinding


The Challenge

R&B Grinding’s former website was built in HTML which made it difficult to edit. As a result, their website was outdated and not user-friendly. They needed a fresh website that was user-friendly and easy for them to edit to make updates.

The Process

We worked with R&B Grinding to redesign their website in a fresh and original way. We provided photography for the site to ensure that their services were being represented effectively. We also helped them rebrand by creating new logos for them.

The Results

R&B Grinding’s new website created a fresh feel, creating a site that was user-friendly and visually pleasing. They were also able to finally make edits on their website easily so that they could provide site users with important updates. Lastly, we created an employee portal for R&B Grinding which allowed them to have the ability to communicate with their employees and send the necessary information.


R&B Grinding Website